The 5 Basics of SEO

Written by Tabitha Burns
SEO on springsSEO - Search Engine Optimisation - is about making sure your web site is doing everything possible to rank well on search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more traffic you will get. SEO has become as much a part of online marketing strategy as advertising or social media, but it can be daunting to small businesses who can't afford to employ SEO experts. To understand how SEO works, you must first understand how search engines rank pages.

Customer Spotlight: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Written by Tabitha Burns
Lie-Nielsen_logoThis month our customer spotlight is on Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, a US based company established in 1981 that manufactures high-quality, woodworking hand  tools based on traditional designs. Recently, Lie-Nielsen undertook a project to completely overhaul their web site, creating a new design that is easier to use and which also reflects their ethos and values. We have had the pleasure of hosting and working with Lie-Nielsen for more than five years now, and we'd love to introduce them to you, and share with you why they choose to host their web site with Kualo. 

Pageless Web Design is the New Trend

Written by Tabitha Burns
pagelessThe way we use the internet is changing rapidly and web designers have responded to this with Flat Design - clean, simple graphics that don't use gradients or shading to create a three dimensional effect, instead allowing the focus to be the textual content - and Responsive Websites - sites which work well on any platform, with fluid grids that adapt to whatever technology is being used, whether it's a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

But perhaps the most radical trend in web design is currently 'Pageless', a design concept that dismisses old-fashioned notions of structure and layout. Pageless websites make perfect sense- unlike books, websites are not contained between covers, nor are they limited to ink and paper, flat and unmoving and silent. So why then, are websites built around a book-based design model, with pages and lists of content?

Top 3 Best and Worst Business Twitter Moments

Written by Tabitha Burns

We may have been providing expert web hosting for over ten years, but recently we decided to take Kualo into the unknown, into uncharted internet territory - Twitter. It's been a learning progress and you know what they say, learn from the best. So we've been looking at big businesses on Twitter, to find out which companies are putting the social media platform to good use and how we can learn from their examples. But along the way we discovered some Twitter accounts that weren't getting it quite right, that were in fact getting it very wrong. Luckily for us, there are lessons to be learnt from these very public mistakes and so before we give you our 'Top 3 Businesses on Twitter', here are our 'Top 3 Business Disasters on Twitter':

5 Steps for Effective Email Marketing

Written by Tabitha Burns
emailEmail marketing is often dismissed as a time-consuming and ineffective marketing strategy, with too many obstacles blocking the way from campaign creation to the desired results: SPAM filters, defunct email addresses; even if the email does make it into a customer's inbox, where's the guarantee they will open it? And if they do open the email, how likely is it that they can be persuaded to click through to your website, or make a purchase?