Web Hosting Affiliate Program

The Kualo affiliate program gives great commissions of up to 80% of the sale. But we know that commission isn't everything. If you're looking for a host who will look after the friends, family and readers you refer to us with great service - you've just found it.

Hosting Type

% Commission

Example Commission

Shared Hosting 40% 1st Payment $86.30 on an $8.99/mo Essential Hosting Plan on a 24 month contract
Reseller Hosting 40% 1st Payment $136.76 on a $28.49/mo Starter Reseller Plan on a 12 month contract
Cloud VPS Servers 80% 1st Month $167.99 on a $209.99/mo Large Fully Managed Cloud VPS
Email Marketing 80% 1st Month $31.99 on a $39.99/mo 5000 Contact Plan
Enterprise Email 80% 1st Month $59.96 on a $74.95/mo 5 User Zimbra Business Plans

Affiliate FAQ

Do I have to host with Kualo?

Kualo Rewards is open to absolutely anyone! If you feel you can refer customers to Kualo, we're more than happy to reward you under the terms of our referral program.

How are my referrals tracked?

Every affiliate is given a unique Affiliate Tracking link at signup. You can put this link on your web site, email footers, forums - or anywhere you think it might attract someone to click it. Once somebody clicks your link a cookie is placed on their browser, and if they place an order your commission will be recorded against your account.

How can I view my referrals?

Your referrals are automatically added to the Kualo Rewards section of your my.kualo.com account.

How is my commission paid to me?

Referrals are qualified and commission added to your account once the referral has been a customer of Kualo for a minimum of 60 days. Commission on qualified referrals is normally paid by Paypal or by adding credit your account if you are a customer, upon receipt of a withdrawal request. There is no minimum balance required to make a withdrawal.

If you are unable to accept payment by Paypal or Account Credit, we can offer payment by wire transfer once you have a minimum commission balance of £300 GBP / $500 USD.

You can collect your commission balance at any time by clicking 'Request Withdrawal'. We'll despatch your commission to you within 7 working days of your request.

What can I earn commission on?

At this time you can earn commission on any Shared Web Hosting plan, Reseller Hosting plan, Cloud VPS Hosting plan, Email Marketing Plan or Enterprise Zimbra Email Plan. You cannot earn commission on any other service, such as domain names, SSL certificates etc.

Can I refer myself?

No, we do not allow affiliates to 'self-refer'. This means you cannot use your affiliate links to make purchases for yourself, your related business, or on behalf of clients. If we suspect self-referral, the commission will not be approved, and repeated violations may lead to expulsion from the program.

We use several metrics to determine self-referral, including shared IP addresses, email domains, and credit card numbers, among other factors. These metrics help ensure that commissions are paid only for legitimate referrals from affiliates who bring in new customers.

Self-referrals undermine the integrity of our affiliate program. The objective is to bring new customers to our services, with each referred customer independently engaging with our signup process, agreeing to our terms and conditions, and managing their own account.

If you have any questions about our self-referral policy, please contact our support team.

Are there any excluded uses of our affiliate program?

We are looking to recruit genuine affiliates who wish to promote our company without using any kind of deceptive or inappropriate advertising. This includes, but is not limited to, using your affiliate link in any illegal or spam method of advertising, such as unsolicited mail; providing cashback, rewards or other incentives to obtain a sale without our prior approval; using your affiliate link on any website which offers price saving methods, such as a coupon, voucher or discount code websites, or a website which offers any other value added offers, without our prior approval. Kualo will be the sole arbitrator of what constitutes a deceptive or inappropriate method of advertising, and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any affiliate account for such inappropriate use, and cancel any outstanding commission payments due.

What if you're running a sale?

If your referral signs up with a coupon code or discounted price, you'll receive the percentage share of the discounted price.

Will I earn on the future orders of those I refer?

Yes! Providing that the cookie is still on their system, and they don't remove it or clear their cookies, you'll continue to earn your commission on any future orders they place. Our cookie will stay in place for up to 12 months before expiring.

Can I advertise on pay per click sites?

Yes! Affiliates can choose to put adverts wherever they like, whether this is on a free site or a pay-per-click site.

Can you provide banners?

Yes, you can view the banners and code from within the Kualo Rewards tab in my.kualo.com. We'll email you periodically to let you know when we have made new banners so you can keep your content fresh.

Can I make my own banners?

No, but if there is a banner you have in mind, get in touch and if we agree that it's a good idea, we'll make it for you.

Do I have to display banners on my site?

No, but we believe using the banners is one of the best ways to generate new referrals. We have even made some very discreet text only banners which you could place at the base of your site. If you just wish to refer a few friends to Kualo - then simply email them your link and ask them to access our web site via that link before they sign up.

We'd also recommend writing articles on your blog that incorporates your link, putting it in your email footer or posting on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Can we set up custom promotions and landing pages?

Yes! If you would like to run a promotion and have a custom landing page, get in touch with us and we'll see whether we can work in a promotion and design a landing page to suit your campaign.