What's the most popular day to send e-shots?

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If you're sending newsletters or e-shots to your customers, you may have wondered which day you should send them on to get the best results. We've pooled together some assessments by various email marketing web sites for your enjoyment!
Of course, your list will perform differently than other marketers based on your audience, their interest (and the content) of your email messages and the frequency that you send. However, based on some tests run by Email Karma, the best day to send out emails is mid-week!

Email Karma monitored their inboxes for 4 months and after looking over the data, they came to the conclusion that most emails are received on Wednesdays, with Tuesday and Thursday coming close.

Now this does not mean that this is 100% accurate, but it certainly helps to know that it may be more beneficial to send emails on a different day, as to prevent your own emails from getting lost in the recipient’s inbox.


Day of the Week







% of mail received







4.72 %


In a different study, BusinessEmailLists came to the same conclusion, but managed to analyze it down to exact times -between 10-10:30am and 1-1:30pm on Wednesdays.

Email Marketing Reports also has some pretty interesting data available, analyzing months, days, and times.

Let us know how successful you are!

If you're not sending newsletters or e-shots yet, why not sign up for a free MailMachine account and get started?

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