This is not your typical drag and drop web site builder.

A new approach to web site creation, from Kualo.

It can be a tough ask to get a high quality, original design using most site builders. Even if the templates they provide look good to begin with, unless you’re a professional designer, once you start editing and adding your content things can go downhill - rapidly. What started out as a gorgeous template often starts to resemble Frankenstein’s monster.

Of course, some site builders do produce a nice end result. The trouble is, this is often achieved by severely limiting the modifications that can be made. In only allowing minor design changes, they retain the designers original intent and the final web site looks good - but it also resembles every other site that used the template.

Layerstripe was created to change this. Our editor comes not only packed with gorgeous templates, but a huge library of professionally designed content blocks that vary in layout, colour scheme and goal.

We call these stripes.

What is a Stripe?

Put simply, a stripe is a pre-configured design layout which you can drop into your site. We have stripes that are contact forms, stripes that are stores, stripes that are galleries and stripes that are specially made to show your product features. We have many more stripes, fit for every purpose and every kind of content. These stripes are dynamic, customisable, and look great together.

Most other web site builders give you the facility to add elements to your page, such as text and images, but with stripes, all these pieces are expertly put together for you. You don’t have to be a design guru - just mix, match and adjust your stripes, and you’ll have a unique looking web site that genuinely looks professionally designed.

The image on the right shows a complete page built in Layerstripe. And, as the name suggests, each layer you see there, is a stripe. A header stripe, product display stripe, testimonial stripe, logo stripe and form stripe.

Creating a web site has never been this easy.

What's more, you're not limited to using our templates. Pro designers can go to town and create sites from scratch. We challenged ourself to recreate the Apple home page, and had a very close approximation put together in just 11 minutes.

Watch 'From Scratch' the Demo

How do I get started?

Layerstripe is currently in beta testing, and is completely free of charge at this time for existing Kualo customers. You can access it via your cPanel control panel by clicking the Layerstripe icon and begin designing right away.

Not a Kualo customer yet? Simply pick one of our fantastic hosting plans and you'll get access to Layerstripe right away.