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What is .eco?

Showcase your dedication to sustainability with a .eco domain, ideal for businesses, non-profit organisations, and individuals committed to the environment. The .eco domain is supported by over 50 leading environmental non-profit and intergovernmental organisations, such as WWF, UNEP, Ocean Conservancy, and Greenpeace. These organisations have joined a coalition to advise on the policies for .eco, ensuring it represents genuine ecological efforts.

Why Choose a .eco Domain?

A .eco domain is more than just an address on the web; it’s a statement of your environmental values. By choosing .eco, you demonstrate your commitment to a sustainable future. Share your green practices, such as water conservation, recycling programmes, and promoting alternative transportation like cycling over driving.

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Eligibility for a .eco Domain

.eco is exclusively for those working on positive change for our planet. To be eligible for a .eco domain, you must:

  • Be committed to working towards a sustainable future.
  • Create a .eco profile disclosing their environmental intentions and signing a pledge committing them to environmental action.

Tell Your Eco-Friendly Story

Your .eco website provides a unique platform to share your journey towards sustainability. It signals to visitors that your actions are aligned with global environmental goals. Use your .eco domain to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations, showcasing the steps you’re taking to create a greener planet.

Embrace the .eco domain and make your environmental efforts known. It’s more than a domain name; it’s a symbol of your dedication to a sustainable world.

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